Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FINALLY!! Another Book Review: Gone Girl

So, the title says it all.

HAHAHA. Not hardly, honey. But I don't want to say much more, as that would spoil your fun. This book has spent many weeks at the top of best sellers' lists, so you don't really need me to say that it's a good read. But, it's a gooooood read.

Like most truly good books, it sticks with you for awhile. This one makes for clever inside jokes between you and your fellow readers. My sister and I spent a weekend together and made frequent references to our new 'friends' Nick and Amy. It's been weeks since I read it, but I still chuckle to myself on their behalf.

Now, that last statement might be misleading. This is not a comedic book, but it has these moments of very dark humor. It also has elements of relationship drama, mystery, romance, and even a little horror. It's quite a package.

I read one review on Goodreads from a reader who said she had such a hard time getting through the first half of the book. She kept having to put it away and then give it another try. I honestly find that statement confounding. I was interested all the way through. I found the characters to be very easy to relate to. (Uh oh, what does that say about me?). In fact, what I loved most about the writing was that so many of the thoughts of the characters rang true for me. I thought the author really nailed the machinations of the male and female psyche. She did a fabulous job of illustrating how a man and a woman can be experiencing the same events in a relationship, but interpret them completely differently.

Again, I must plead with you not to misunderstand. This is nowhere in the realm of a 'relationship' book. It's far more entertaining. But the relationship drives the story and, for me, this is where the writer showed her skill.

If you decide to give it a try, please share your thoughts. I'm curious to know your opinion.

And for my sister's pleasure:

  I wish my wife would come back home.

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