Friday, September 9, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

********SPOILER ALERT********

To My Family, Friends, and Anyone Else Who Might Be Mildly Interested :

If I get sucked into the ground through some hole in the basement filled with evil creatures, then would you PLEASE call the frickin' police, the X-Files unit, the wrecking-ball company, and the work crew to at least try to dig me out? Don't just pack-up and move, and then show up three months later for a one minute visit to the site of my disappearance. Geez.

Which brings me to my point: I think the major problem with this film is that it is not highly successful in drawing you in, nor in making you form an emotional connection with the protagonists. When a movie truly draws you in, you stop thinking outside the events of the story. This makes you less likely to ponder plot holes, and script issues, and unresolved storylines. 

I enjoyed the movie, I did feel pity for the little girl, and the Katie Holmes character was very likable. I just wasn't emotionally invested in them. I was a little on the fringes, free to let my thoughts wander and question things that didn't feel authentic or sensible.

There were some really good things about the movie:

1. Great-looking film.
2. Fantastic setting (both house and grounds) with some great set pieces, my personal favorites being a carousel lamp and a basement mural.
3. Successfully spooky atmosphere with good "jumps".
4. Good re-working of the original story.
5. It's an individual taste thing, but I really enjoyed the opening credits.

All in all, I'd give it 3 out of 5 stars. 

On a personal note, remember my post about spooky made-for-tv movies? This film is a remake of one of those movies. My little sister and I called the creatures from that version the 'monka-figs' because we thought they looked like a cross between monkeys and figs (yes--figs). And, sure, there might have been a couple of conversations about the monka-figs coming to take her away. Somehow, she was still happy to go see this version with me.

You wanna know the real scary thing that happened? She bought one of those fill-it yourself bags of candy, put in a small amount of Reeses Pieces and took it to the register. $11.96. No, I am not kidding.




  1. Janie--Thanks for the reminder!!!
    Readers--I should have mentioned that there is an early scene that could potentially make you ill for about 5 seconds.