Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I know, I know, I am so late for the "A" train. Where in the hell have I been? Even my mother watches this show. I finally watched it when they re-aired the final two episodes of the second season the other night. My thoughts? Sure, I am always happy to share an opinion.

First, let me say, I loved it. I am apparently now in line with the many other critics and fans who think this is one slick, irresistibly entertaining production.  I can't even make "good" and "bad" lists (as I am usually so inclined to do) because it was all good for me. However, if you don't like slick productions, morally corrupt characters, or sexual drama, this may not be for you.

The acting is great; everyone is at the top of his/her game. The writing is great, storylines as well as dialogue. They do a great job of weaving shorter term legal case stories with the ongoing plotline. It's far from a novel formula, but damn, it's well done.

Favorite Persons:

Julianna Margulies  looks stunning in this show. She is gorgeous. Her performances in the episodes that I saw were riveting. There was one particular exchange with her mother-in-law that I would have re-wound and replayed if that were an option. ( Nope, no DVR for me). If you've seen it, you'll know exactly what I am talking about. 

Archie Panjabi is a lovely, and brilliant, provocateur in thigh-high black boots. She gets to play a fascinating character who appears very closed. As we see in these episodes, however, she may play it close to the vest, but she certainly is not devoid of deeply felt emotions. 

Chris Noth. Thank goodness he has had a steady career. Next to the beloved Jerry Orbach's portrayal of Lenny Briscoe, Chris Noth's Mike Logan (in the original Law and Order series) was the most believable cop-character on television.  Then he moved on to Sex and the City, where he was very believable as sexy big-shot, Mr. Big. His character on The Good Wife is reminiscent of Mr. Big in many respects, albeit far more complex, and he is perfect in the role.

Christine Baranski > love her. She totally nails her part as senior partner of a prestigious law firm. If she walked into a real board room and opened her mouth you wouldn't bat an eye---she embodies that smart, assured, uh-oh- it's-a-shark persona.

Big ups to The Good Wife.

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