Sunday, November 6, 2011

How's About a Grimm Cinderella Episode? Here's My Version

Seen the new tv show Grimm? Here's a taste of my idea for an upcoming episode.

Script By Jules 

Scene One - At the police department

Hank (Nick's partner): Nick, check out there girl over there. What's your take on her

(Note: Nick is known for his ability to pinpoint a lot about a person within the first minute of seeing them).

Nick: Judging from her clothes, and the fact that she looks like she hasn't had access to a shower recently, I'd say she's living on the street. Not picked up for prostitution though, looks too innocent--doesn't have that hard look in her eye. She's a beautiful kid, huh? Even under all that grime.

Hank: Ha! Got ya on this one. She's living with her family. And according to Captain, the mom and the sister came in all decked out. Rolled-in in a silver Jaguar. He said those shoes the mom was wearing go for about eight-hundred bucks. Kid's got the supermodel looks and dresses like a dumpster, and the rest of the family dress like tv stars.

Nick: Why'd they bring her in here? Shouldn't she have been taken in to Juvy?

Hank: Nope--Genessa is eighteen. Get this: they brought her in because sister number one claims that this one cut off a good-sized piece of sistah's big toe. 

Nick: What?

Hank: Oh, yeah. They brought in a prom shoe full of blood for evidence. Oh, and that's not all. Here's where we come in. Sister number two?? Missing since last night. Prom night. 

Nick: And Genessa is our perp?

Hank: Apparently, so. Accordingly to her family, that is. Seems there was some big fight between the three sisters over the Prom King. Got pretty ugly, I'd say.

Nick: Can't wait to meet her family. Have we brought in the Prom King yet?

Hank: Nope. I figured we'd get to him after we checked out Supermom and her dysfunctional cheerleaders.

Nick: What else do we know about our perp?

Hank: Straight-A student; quiet, not much of a socializer. Held back in school a year---can't figure that one out. She's apparently very bright. 

Nick: And the Prom King?

Hank: Andrew Rocklin

Nick: Rocklin. Rocklin? Like Rocklin Estates, Rocklin?  

Hank: That would be correct.

Nick: Nice. Ultrarich boy dates dumpster-diver. Okay, well, let's go meet Miss Genessa.

I know you're just dying to hear the rest of the story. That's one cool thing about Grimm's plotlines. They have threads of the original fairytale, but you know the episode always has a different twist.

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  1. I have to comment on my own blog. Lame. But, I now hate the tv show, Grimm (sorry fans). I thought each episode would be a modern re-telling of a fairytale. It started out that way. Now its just...Buffy.