Sunday, November 27, 2011

HOLY SMOKES!! My Latest TV Discovery

Look, here's the thing: I don't have cable, or a dish, or anything else which would allow me access to a lot of tv channels. It's sometimes sad when I don't know what's going on in the world of the Kardashians---just kidding---but the lack of tv channels is probably a very good thing for me. I can become a little engrossed, if you know what I mean. (Yes, I do have a problem dragging myself away from the Law and Order marathons.)

So, today I was perusing the internet when I came across the name of a newish tv show that piqued my interest: American Horror Story. Does any one remember the tv show American Gothic? Fun stuff. So, in the interest of discovering new diversions (i.e. work-avoidance), I decided to watch the pilot. Which resulted in my watching all the other episodes available. HOLY SMOKES.

There is a truckload of stuff going down in this series, and I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say there's Jessica Lange at her crazy-Southern best, Dylan McDermott sans pants, the lady who played the mom in Six Feet Under, Vera Farmiga's little sister (Taissa)---who has some serious acting skills, teen romance, a lovely creepy house, spooky old photographs, dead babies, deformed children, body parts in jars, and a considerable amount of sex.

Yeah, and that's only the tip of the turret.

I really don't know if they can keep this up and still keep it compelling. Sometimes when there is too much going on, there isn't enough character development and you get into a situation where you don't give a crap about these people because you don't know them well enough to care. So far though, that is not a problem. There are quite a few interesting plot turns and you definitely want to find out more of the backstory of these characters. 

I was glued to my computer, so much so, I had a hard time removing myself to watch Once Upon a Time on television. American Horror Story kinda knocked my socks off. It's got a very strong cast to boot. If you aren't faint of heart (or faint of stomach), I'd say give this a shot. It's a wild ride; so far so good.


  1. and the boys have been watching this from the beginning and we are HOOKED!! It's a Ryan Murphy project, so we felt compelled to give it a look. SO GLAD WE DID!! don't know if you ever watched Nip/Tuck, but that also was a ryan murphy show, and this show is cut from the same cloth!! Definitely one of my fav new shows this season!!

  2. Aloha,Suz! I watched Nip/Tuck a couple of times, and although I thought it was clever and funny, I didn't get hooked. This watching multiple episodes online thing really gets you sucked in---like the tv marathons. Plus,I love the spooky stuff. And what a great cast he's got here! Mucho fun!